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We cover manchester and all surrounding areas we offer a same day collection services and will give you a instant payment for your vehicle We come to you and pay you a instant payment before we take your car away please have your v5 ready and any other paperwork that could be useful to us. 

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Here at MBR we offer a free vehicle Valuation, you can Simple call or just fill out the contact form, and one of our valuers will give you a ring with a Valuation for your car with in 2 hours, and if you're happy you can book a collection there and then its just that simple.

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Our support team is available everyday to ensure that things runs smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need and you can call anytime we are open 7 days a week from 7am until 11pm and our collections start from 7am and finish at 11pm we are always happy to assist you. 
Call Us For Free From Your Mobile
 0800 0242 465
Sameday Collection Respond With In 2 Hours
By Marcus Bell 26 Aug, 2017
Selling your old car online to MBR scrap my car manchester couldn't be any easier, all you have to do is call us for a quotation or simply filling out one of our online forms. We base our quotation on age condition and miles and can normal decide if we would like to buy your old vehicle for recycling purposes or for resale. We pay from as low as £40 up to £10,000 depending on the cars condition. We buy any car and we also collect from your door step, so you don't have to worry about getting your car to us because we understand that can be a nightmare sometimes due to various reasons. You can contact us if you would like to scrap or sell your old car via our website: WWW.MBRSCRAPMYCAR.CO.UK  or buy simply calling our landline on 0161 964 1495 We try to pay the best Price possible so our customers are happy. 
By Marcus Bell 11 Feb, 2017
We recently collected the above vehicle to be scrapped from the above customer! We paid this lady a fair price as promised on the telephone  and provided her with the honest and professional service we are known for! Thank you for your custom!
By Marcus Bell 08 Feb, 2017
Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of people posing to be scrap metal merchants or agents. If you type in "scrap my car" in Google the list of people and companies to choose from can be endless. But who do you trust? Who do you trust to scrap your vehicle properly and efficiently through all the correct channels?

It is a sad fact that some bigger companies offer you not so good or fair money for your vehicle because to them, you are just a statistic, a number on the books. It's an even sadder fact that some people posing as companies are not companies at all, but are bogus people posing as companies, pretending they are all above board, you can trust them and they will treat you fairly. It is these people that give businesses like us a bad reputation! Remember, there are only few people out there that care about treating you well and doing things properly in accordance with the law!

Always choose wisely and know that once you decide to scrap your car in or around the Manchester area it has been recycled adequately and professionally; in accordance with the law and you have been given a fair price in line with the going rate of scrap at the time by a reputable, fully licensed, fully insured, law abiding company!

Our customers are where our heart is. We love what we do, when we stop caring, we are in the wrong profession! 
By Marcus Bell 16 Jan, 2017


The time has come… You’re finally ready to say goodbye to your old car but, if you’re thinking about scrapping your car, there are loads of options available to you. Where should you go? What price could you get? Well, we’re here to help! We pay the best in Manchester!

At MBR we collect your old motor for free and we even give you a decent amount in exchange for it! There are a lot of companies that will charge you to have your motor taken away, there are also companies that will buy it from you in any condition DEAD OR ALIVE… Whatever you choose, you’ll always want the most convenient and cost-effective service you can get. You’ll also want to make sure you get the most money for your old motor. So why choose MBR? 


We base our prices on many different factors, from the make and model, to the age and condition. Unlike most companies, if your car has a set of new tyres or very good part warn tyres we also offer a little extra, depending on the size of the tyre. If your car has alloys, that can also increase the value..normally by around £20 or so. This is because the more metal available for scrap; the better offer!

Our prices are always up to date with the industry and amongst the most competitive around. We also keep an eye on what everyone else is offering, so you can shop around (if you like) but it’ll be hard to beat us!


Many companies are cheeky enough to charge a collection fee. Here at MBR we don’t charge anything for this part of scrapping your car. This is because we believe in encouraging our customers to recycle their vehicles and pride ourselves on ensuring our service is as convenient and easy to use as possible, instead of being a total rip off like some companyies out there.


We use one of the best facilities in manchester for END OF LIFE VEHICLE DISPOSAL which has an authorised treatment facility for the safe disposal of end of life vehicles. You know that you’ll be leaving your old car in good hands. When you are scrapping your car with MBR Scrap My Car, you know that it’ll be safely scrapped in an environmentally friendly way.

Each and every part will be de-polluted, including the tyres, oils and the tricky battery. All recycling work carried out is compliant with government legislation, so you can scrap your car with peace of mind.


We collect your vehicle from your door, so you dont have to waste any time or money arranging to deliver your old car to be recycled. You will not have to get any cover insurance cover to drive it over to us or, take the risk of driving a car you think maybe un safe to drive.  We enjoy what we do and helping to keep the general public safe too. We’ll collect from your house, your work or even come and pick you up from the side of the road, all so you don’t have to face the challenge of moving a non-roadworthy vehicle.


… So you don’t have to! We’ll help you avoid any unwelcome visits from the DVLA or other vehicle authorities by helping you ensure that the right people are notified once your vehicle has been destroyed.

We will put our details on the v5c/3 document this will remove you from ownership of this vehicle all you have to do is stick it in an envelope with a stamp and send it to the dvla - this part is your responsibility.


We offer a we buy any car service, so if you think your car is too new or too good to scrap, we can offer you a none scrap quotation. This means if you have been offered scrap value for your car you will now get alot more than you may have been offered. We will send a member of staff over to have a look to see if it's worth our while paying more than scrap value and take it from there. We deal with alot of auctions and motor dealerships that buy alot of our stock on the none scrap vehicles , we can also offer you instant cash on arrival.

So.. if you would like to scrap or sell your vehicle, it wont hurt to give a try..and thats a promise!

Call: 01619641495 or text "scrap my car"followed by your reg to: 07568073738 and we will call or text you with a quote.

Alternatively, you may find it easyer to fill our form out on our website. 

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