Here at MBR Scrap My Car we don’t only care about business, we care about people! That’s why we will always go the extra mile for our customers.

We always pay our customers for their scrap vehicles, but have you ever thought about scrapping your vehicle for charity? You can contact us in the usual way to scrap your vehicle, we will provide you with a quote and collection date and time as normal and your old vehicle will then be taken away and scrapped. A cheque and covering letter is then sent to a charity of your choice advising you have scrapped your vehicle for charity and would like your chosen charity to receive the proceeds, a copy of that letter is also sent to you. Easy and all for a good cause!

If you would like to donate your vehicle to charity under our scheme, contact us either by telephone, email or on our website for a quote on scrapping your vehicle, we will arrange a collection date and time with you and arrange for your vehicle to be scrapped and the proceeds to be forwarded to the appropriate charity.