What is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)?

Car scrapping is a tedious and precarious process involving several methods, undertaken by a specific agency to assure safe scrapping of the vehicle. UK government and environment agencies have approved only certain companies, which hold the license to scrap cars in Manchester. These agencies are called as Authorised Treatment Facility, which is the only government-approved scrap yards in the UK.

Popular Car Scrap Manchester agencies such as MBR are one of the leading Authorised Treatment Facility in the industry. The company complies with all the rules and prerequisites laid out by the government and assures environment safety.

So, the question now is what does it take the regular scrap yard to be an ATF?

Authorised Treatment Facility is an agency approved by the government assuring the owner of a vehicle to be properly scrapped and the parts are dismantled. The facility also guarantees that it does not indulge in any unfair practice of sorts, which might hamper or cause damage to the environment. ATF is a “reputation” given to a scrap yard approved by DVLA and even Notified insurance agencies, which may avail or give out proper insurance claims or premiums on the vehicle. ATF has a reputation for being transparent and does not charge the owner with any amount. Instead, they have a slab scale of payouts, given back to the owners, once the scrapping is complete and money worth the weight of iron parts are given.

Will it Really Matter?

  • For a person availing the services from an unauthorised scrap my cars Manchester based scrap yards, the likelihood of illegally stealing some working spare parts and selling them in the black market is higher. This will not be a case with ATF, as they perform every single task on the spot.
  • ATF is monitored by the reputed and competent agencies, which often measures the quality, safety, and reliability of the facility. One of the main points of these agencies is to keep and preserve unused parts intact.
  • ATF’s gives out Certificate of Destruction, as soon as the car is scrapped in the yard. Agencies such as DVLA only accept the certification from these agencies and will consider the case to be closed.

MBR is a famous ATF, which possesses a complete and all-round facility required for a scrapping yard. In the end, the owners get their share of instant scrap price Manchester, for the remains and working spare parts.